Don't let your tear be the last drop of water in the world- my peasonal logo

Inspired by

Don’t let your tear be the last drop of water in the world

I designed my peasonal logo.

Ming's logo My peasonal logo

This logo is basically composed of two drop tears and one drop water. The water-drop in the left side means the last drop water in the world, but also it means all bios in the planet share the same drop of water.

drought Water give the planet life. Picture from


The water-drops in the right side are the tears reflecting the sadness of human-beings.

water pollution Water pollution will kill ourself. Picture from


As it is my peasonal logo, these three drops draw the outline of my name: Ming Su.

The gap between the left drop and middle drop is “S”, and the drops of tear are “M”.

One Earth, one drop water

ming's long logo My peasonal logo

Ming Su
Ming Su
Associate Professor of Environmental Engneering

My research interest is water quality problems in drinking water bodies, with a focus on harmful algal blooms and associated taste & odor problems.